Quick Start Guide

Latest software upgrade - Version 1.4.2

As part of our ongoing efforts to improve how your HiHi phone works and your experience as one of our users, we have been working hard to create software release 1.4.2. This new software version includes a number of new features, which are outlined below.

Watch video below to see how.

One-Way Video / Detect Video Capability

At the beginning of each call, if enabled on your HiHi, you will be shown a banner if your contact's device supports video calling. This makes it quick and easy to detect whether you can initiate a video call with the other party on the call. The banner will adapt to your interactions in the call. If you or your caller choose to send video, then the banner will update for the other person.

We've also overhauled the way that video works, allowing you to send or receive video with your contacts, without the need for two-directional video streaming. This means that you can receive a video call from other HiHi users, without the need to send your own stream, and vice versa. The inactive stream will display an overlay that indicates when no video is being transmitted.

Hunt Group Voicemail

Group Voicemail enables callers to leave a voicemail for a hunt group. When a group voicemail is received, all phones that are part of the hunt group will display a notification in the upper-right of the home screen. When one person has actioned the voicemail, the notification will disappear for all HiHi phones in the group. Multiple groups are supported and voicemail notifications will stack on top of each other.

Google Contact Synchronisation

This feature allows you to synchronise a chosen Google account with your HiHi; this will pull through your stored Google contacts and save them on the HiHi, without the need to input each contact manually. After a one-time setup, your account will remain connected to your HiHi, routinely synchronising any newly-added contacts each day.

Once you've synchronised your Google contacts with your HiHi, you can manually refresh the synchronisation by going into the menu in the upper-right corner of your screen and pressing 'Sync now'. This will instantly pull through any new contacts added since the last update, or any changes made to existing contacts. You can also remove the Google account from your HiHi through the same menu.

4Sight Cloud Contact Synchronisation

This feature synchronises your HiHi's contact lookup with your connected 4Sight account. When you enter a search string on the HiHi 'Find' screen, the phone returns any results from your 4Sight address book, as well as the usual, local results saved on the phone. When using the 'Find' app, you'll notice a new spin wheel at the top of the screen when the device is looking up 4Sight contacts from the cloud.

Once the contact lookup has completed, any contacts returned from the 4Sight cloud will be listed in the results, with a cloud watermark in the contact tile indicating that it is a 4Sight contact.

Any changes made to your contacts in 4Sight will be synchronised to the HiHi, but if you change a 4Sight contact on the HiHi, it will not update in your 4Sight address book at this point in time.

Pause and Resume Call Recordings

This level of control around call recording can be set on a group or user basis. When on a call, if this option is enabled for you, you'll be able to 'Pause' or 'Resume' the call recording, using a visual indicator in the upper-right of your call screen. This allows you greater control over the information that is recorded, for example with card data in a call centre environment.

Call recording can still be used without the manual control; 4Com are able to configure users to have call recording Off, On, or On with Pause & Resume control, so that you can tailor the feature at a department level. This can be set on the platform by contacting a member of our Support team.


This guide is designed as a quick reference guide for your new phone. Once your new HiHi phone has been installed and you've added your pin and unlocked the phone the home screen will appear.

How to find contacts

Step 1 - Press the find icon in the top left of the home screen. The keyboard will automatically appear. Start typing the contact's name or number. Results will appear in the list on the right side of the screen.

Step 2 - Pressing the contact will reveal the associated numbers for the contact. Press the number to make a call, add a contact as a favourite, or edit that contact's details.

Note: The HiHi will display a spin wheel while it searches your connected 4Sight account for matches, if you have a connected 4Sight account. 4Sight contacts will display a cloud watermark in the contact tile.

How to make a call

Step 1 - Press the phone icon in the top left of the home screen.

Step 2 - Use the keypad to enter a number, extension number or name. Pressing the green phone icon will begin your call. Alternatively, you can scroll through the alphabetical contact list to find a contact.

Step 3 - Press the contact and choose the number/extension you want to call them on. Press the number to make a call.

How to transfer a call

Step 1 - Whilst on a call press the Phone or Find icon to locate the contact you want to transfer to. Select the number or extension you want to transfer the call to from the contact details. This will automatically put the person you've been speaking to on hold.

Step 2 - To consult transfer, call the person you want to transfer the call to.

Step 3 - Once you have connected to the caller you are transferring to, press the transfer button and the two calls will be connected. A message will appear to tell you the calls have been connected.

DID YOU KNOW – You can press the direct transfer button located on the contacts screen to transfer a call without consulting with the recipient.

How to put a call on hold

Step 1 - During a call press the hold option to put a caller on hold.

Step 2 - Once the caller is on hold you can resume the call by pressing the resume option to take you back to the caller.

How to conference a call

Step 1 - To create a conference call you must have more than 3 calls open to merge together. Press merge to conference the calls together.

Step 2 - Once you have pressed the merge button the calls will be conferenced together. You can add more recipients to the conference by calling the contact and merging the calls to the conference call.

Creating favourite contacts

Step 1 - To add a contact to your favourites navigate to the contacts panel from the phone screen and press the star icon. This will add the contact to your favourites list which will then appear on your home screen.

Step 2 - You can order your favourites by pressing and dragging the contact within the favourites list on the home screen.

DID YOU KNOW – You can also order your favourites on the favourites page by pressing and dragging a contact.

How to set the volumes

Step 1 - To change the ringtone, in-call and media volumes press the speaker icon located at the bottom right of the screen.

Step 2 - Use the sliders to adjust the volume for your phone ringtone, handset and media.

How to save a contact

Step 1 - Press the number you want to add to your contacts.

Step 2 - Select the 'Add to existing' or 'Create new' button.

Step 3 - Either input the details for your new contact and press the 'Save contact' button, or search for an existing contact and press the 'Add to existing contact' button, depending upon which button you selected.

Step 4 – Once complete, press save to add the number to the directory.

How to set up call options

Do not disturb - Press call options from the home screen. To enable do not disturb press the option in the list.Call forwarding - To enable call forwarding press the option in the list. Follow the on screen instructions and press done to enable the feature.Private calling - To enable private calling press the option in the list. Once enabled the features will appear on your home screen. Swipe the message to turn this feature off.